Politicians should feel ashamed! State & Central govt. responsible for spread of Covid 19 II wave!!

Covid 19 Noval Corona Virus which originated form China in December 2019 kept spreading throughout the world by 2020. Since there had been no specific medicines to cure Covid 19, medicines used to treat HIV and Tuberculosis were used as alternate medicines to treat Covid 19.

In the meantime many pharma giants with their country’s government support and the guidance of World Health Organisation(WHO) started their research on Covid 19 and initiated for invention of vaccines to control Covid 19.

There had been rumours speculating till date that Covid 19 is a Biological weapon developed by China to destroy its counterpart countries economic status. Though the rumour naming China is still not yet confirmed, the truth is Covid 19 had destroyed the whole world’s economic condition. The whole world went on a total lockdown for nearly six months and the partial lockdown continues till date.

As far as India is concerned, the infection of Covid 19 started to reduce where the count of infected persons and death rate started to reduce by December 2020. Since the lockdown restrictions were reduced by the government in India, people here mistook that Covid 19 has been totally vanished. Usage of face masks and social distancing was not followed properly by the public and both state and central government did not pay proper attention to initiate action against violators.

Tamil Nadu government was very much particular in reopening the government operated TASMAC Liquor Shops which had been a main revenue generating business for the state government. Though Judicial Department raised many questions with the government whether it was very much necessary to reopen TASMAC during this pandemic, Tamil Nadu state government replied with various answers and accepted many conditions quoted by the Judiciary and reopened the TASMAC shops. It is to be noted that the conditions accepted by the Government of Tamil Nadu are not been followed and is also said to be a “Contempt of Court”.

The state Assembly elections for Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and Assam were nearing and the dates were announced few weeks ago. Looking at Tamil Nadu, both the state & central government and other political parties are greedy enough to win the majority seats and capture the power. Though there are still strict rules like wearing of face mask and maintaining social distance is mandatory, greedy politicians started going on processions, conducted propaganda meeting, went on canvassing, conducted public meeting and many more events without proper social distancing and wearing of face masks. The worst part is these sort of meeting were presided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy, Opposition Leader M.K.Stalin, Film actor & Makkal Needhi Maiam leader Kamal Hassan and few other leaders who are aiming in capturing the Chief Ministerial seat.

The political leaders were very much particular in capturing the power and did not bother about the consequences the general public would be facing in the II wave of Covid 19. The three week election propaganda has ruined the whole state of Tamil Nadu. The Covid 19 cases of infection and death rate which was very less in number on March 01, 2021 has now gone five times excessive of the earlier count.

The reason for the increase in count of infected persons and the death rate is only because of improper planning of assembly elections, both state and central government been lenient for the sake of votes and the irresponsibility of greedy politicians.

Finally to say, Politicians should feel ashamed and State & Central government should be held responsible for spread of Covid 19 II wave. It is the responsibility of every citizen to strictly follow Covid 19 precautions by wearing face masks, maintain social distance, avoid gathering in crowds and wash our hands often to keep ourselves away from Covid 19 Noval Corona Virus.