Dhanush anger against Sivakarthikeyan evidenced:

Sivakarthikeyan Kakki Sattai
Actor Dhanush started his movie production company Wunderbar Films in the year 2010 and had produced few films. Sivakarthikeyan earlier a TV anchor made his debut as an actor through “Marina” directed by Pandiraj. Sivakarthikeyan was engaged as a supporting actor with Dhanush in the movie “3” directed by Dhanush’s wife Aishwarya R.Dhanush. This movie was Sivakarthikeyans 2nd film. Then he had acted as a hero in two others tamil films. Sivakarthikeyan who had accepted to perform a supporting character in Dhanush’s “3”, impressed Dhanush a lot and had offered Sivakarthikeyan to play hero character in Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films “Ethir Neechal”.

Sivakarthikeyan performance as a Hero made Box office collection and this tempted Dhanush to produce an another film “Kakki Sattai” with Sivakarthikeyan, Sridivya and few others from “Ethir Neechal” team. Since Sivakarthikeyan’s market in the film industry grew up, automatically the salary for his films elevated drastically. Along with his salary elevation his mannerism and attitude grew worse says Kollywood.

“Kakki Sattai” is planned to be released on 27th of February 2015. Sources say that during the shot of “Kakki Sattai” Sivakarthikeyan had been pressurising the director of the film Durai Senthilkumar to make scenes that resembled like Superstar Rajnikanth. Durai Senthilkumar had objected many number of times and had complained about it to Dhanush the producer of the movie. Dhanush had even warned Sivakarthikeyan on many occasions and is said that Sivakarthikeyan had ignored the advises.

Sources say that in few circumstances Dhanush had decided to drop the movie and accepted to bear the loss. But Dhanush who had a soft corner on the director of the movie Durai Senthilkumar, maintained patience. It is said that Sivakarthikeyan’s continuous interference in the screenplay and making of scenes had disturbed Durai Senthilkumar. This had interrupted the shoot and there had been a break in the film for few weeks. Later few well-wishers of Dhanush had advised him to bear till the completion of the movie and sell the rights of the movie.

Madhan of Escape Artist Motion Pictures had come forward and had bought the release rights of the film “Kakki Sattai”. The press meet of the film took place yesterday(20th February 2015) in Chennai. The hero of the film Sivakarthikeyan, Durai Senthilkumar – Director, Anirudh – Music Director, Sukumar – Cinematographer, Madhan – Escape Artists Motion Pictures, Manobala and Iman Annachi both actors were present in the press meet. The heroine of the film Sridivya and the Producer of the movie Dhanush were both missing in the press meet. Director said that since Sridivya is busy in her shoot, she was not able to make for the press meet. But no one commented about the absence of Dhanush. Sivakarthikeyan started his speech by making a statement that there are rumours speculating that there had been difference of opinion between Dhanush and him and that rumours were false.

But yesterday(the same day), Vijay TV’s “Super Singer Junior – Season 4” Grand Finale was happening and Dhanush was present in the event. After the press meet of “Kakki Sattai”, Sivakarthikeyan and Anirudh entered into the event floor where Dhanush and few other dignitaries were seated. Immediately after Sivakarthikeyan’s entry into the floor, Dhanush moved away from the venue. This activity was evidenced by everyone seated in the floor and viewers watching the live telecast of the show. Sivakarthikeyan’s entry and Dhanush’s walkout evidenced everyone about their misunderstanding and Dhanush’s anger against Sivakarthikeyan. Dhanush who was away from Sivakarthikeyan walked to the stage and later Sivakarthikeyan and Anirudh joined with Dhanush to distribute the prize winners.

Was Dhanush really affected by the attitude and behaviour of Sivakarthikeyan? Did Sivakarthikeyan really interfere too much in the screenplay and scenes making of the movie “Kakki Sattai”? If the answer is yes to the two questions, then would the output of the movie satisfy the audience is a major question mark?

Let us wait till February 27 for the release of the movie estimate it and post our comments and reviews.