Will not disappoint audience! Oh My Dog Movie Review

Oh My Dog is a 2022 kids drama directed by Sarov Shanmugam and produced by 2D Entertainment. The film stars Arun Vijay, Arnav Vijay and Vinay Rai in the lead roles. Mahima Nambiyar, Vijaykumar and Banuchander play supporting roles in the movie.

Fernando(Vinay Rai) tames and trains various breeds of dogs. The dogs are being treated by Fernando as slaves and train those dogs to compete in competitions. Fernando and his dogs keep winning consequently for many years. The story takes a drastic turn when his dog Lee gives birth to few puppies and when he realises one of them is blind. He orders his sidekicks to kill it and bury it, but the blind puppy escapes from him. The blind puppy gets an asylum with Arjun(Arnav Vijay), a school going kid. Arjun decides to tame. Arjun names the dog as Simba and later comes to know that his Simba is blind. He seeks the help of Blue cross to obtain vision for Simba. Now Simba gets attached with the others in Arjun’s family.

Simba participates in a competition where Fernando notices the outstanding performance of Simba and approaches Arjun’s family to buy it. As Arjun refuses to sell the dog, Fernando uses his influence to disturb Arjun’s family.

The other part of this story is whether Arjun’s dog wins in the competition. Does Fernando spare Arjun, his family members and Simba is the climax of the story.

Sarov Shanmugam who had neatly directed the movie has slightly stumbled in narrating the scenes and screenplay. Though there was a lag in the first half of the movie, director has managed it very well in the second half of the movie. Both, puppy Simba and grown-up Simba have been trained well and have performed extremely good. Debutante child artiste Arnav Vijay has put his efforts to prove himself as a successful actor. Arun Vijay has played very casual in his regular way. Vinay Rai has done justice to his work. Mahima Nambiar’s performance was subtle. Nothing to say more about other artistes.

Gopinath’s cinematography and Nivas K Prasanna’s music has given extra flavour for the movie. Editor Meganathan could have put little more efforts to scissor out unwanted scenes. Finally to say, ‘Oh My Dog’ can be watched with family and would not disappoint the audience, especially kids.

Rating : 3.25/5