Old aged Emmi Ammal, a hard working and an active hawker in the trains:

IMG_9581_Fruit Vendor Yemmi Ammal on Trains
Dhanalakshmi @ Emmi Ammal aged approximately between 60 to 65 years can be spotted on sub-urban trains plying between Chennai to Tiruvallur. She is a hawker who carry around 7-12 Kgs of fruits in an aluminium Basket on her head and keep selling fruits like Guavas, Banannas etc. She says that she is a hawker in the sub-urban trains for more than seven years. She adds that she is affectionate with her children and wish to support them for their families daily bread.

She is well known to the regular passengers on those sub-urban trains. She rhymes her product to attract the customers. She approaches the customers with full rights and demands them with a whole-hearted smile to make a purchase of the fruits she sells. She even give the customers free fruits as bonus and teases them if they bargain without conscience.

She jovially says that her husband had gone to the heaven few years ago and she takes care of her family. She has two sons one aged around 40 years and works as a driver and the other son aged 30 years who is physically challenged with his limbs.
IMG_9582_Fruit Vendor Yemmi Ammal on Trains

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