Tamil Film Producers Council Instructs ‘Lingaa’ movie distributors:

Producers Council Instructs Lingaa Distributors
Readers would be aware about the ongoing dispute between the Producer of ‘Lingaa’ movie Rockline Venkatesh, Superstar Rajnikanth and few Distributors the movie ‘Lingaa’ movie, leaded by distributor Singaravadivelan(Singaravelan). A press release instructing the distributors of the movie ‘Lingaa’ was issued yesterday(16th February) by the Tamil Film Producers Council headed by Kalaipuli.S.Thanu.

The release states that the distributors of ‘Lingaa’ movie had been troubling the Hero of the movie Mr.Rajnikanth and the producer of the film immediately after the release of the film. It also states that 97% of the movies acted by Rajnikanth had been successful movies and had generated profit for Exhibitors and Distributors.

The release also adds that if the Exhibitors and Distributors had incurred loss in the movie ‘Lingaa’, they should have approached their respective associations and the associations should have discussed and made an amicable solution for it. The release also states that it is injustice defaming the goodwill of Rajnikanth and the Producer of the movie by unnecessarily staging Hunger fast and to initiate begging protest. It says that the protest are condemnable. The release says that the movie industry is apart from politics and unnecessarily involving political leaders in this issue is much condemnable.

Finally the release says that if at all there is an issue in this regard, the affected persons should contact the Federation with the assistance of their respective associations and find and amicable solution to resolve the dispute. The release also advises that it would be better to avoid such kind of activities, which could spoil the cooperation within the Film Industry.

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