Is this minister a swordsman?

Recently a function was held at Royapuram in Chennai to honour persons who had served the public during Corona crisis. Around 19 persons who were front line fighters during Corona pandemic were awarded.

Dr.J.Jayakumar, Minister of Fisheries was also honoured with a special award. As a time of appreciation for his services during Corona pandemic, he was honoured with a sword.

Normally anyone who is such honoured with a sword would receive it, admire it and keep it safe. But when Jayakumar was honoured with a sword, he started to swing it but slow. People on the dias and opposite the dias were shocked and surprised to see the minister swinging the sword. His activities on the dias resembled like a swordsman.

Surprised spectators started to murmur about the minister, and one among them said that Jayakumar, is a man of mamy sport. He added that Jayakumar use to swim in the see waters, he plays carrom, he use to play cricket and even do boxing.

It is also said that Jayakumar was a sportsman during his schooling and college studies and has won prizes then.

One more thing is Minister Jayakumar is a good singer. Whenever he attends any function in his constituency and there is a light music performance, he would sing a song from any of the movies of yesteryear actor & Ex Chief Minister Late M.G.Ramachandran.

Jayakumar maintains a close rapport with the people of his constituency without political party discrimination.

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