Rash driving of delivery boys! Will police keep a vigil on them?

In the recent few years, e-commerce business has become popular. Many residents have reduced their movements going out for buying household essentials, especially electronic items. Due to the cost being less than that of retail shops, customers opt to purchase on online stores. Making it convenient to consumers, many online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many more online stores have entered the market.

Nowadays many residents have started to order food online, since most of the members in the family including ladies go to job and have reduced cooking at their homes. For convenience of such customers, mobile phone applications like Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo and few other have come to cater the need of customers.

These delivery agencies have employed delivery men and they do make deliveries through two-wheelers. Apart from these above said delivery men, there are Pizza centers and grocery shop delivery men who use two-wheeler to deliver.

These delivery men are nowadays seen in more at all major towns and cities. In Chennai nearly 10% of the motor-cyclists are these delivery men who start their work from 06:00 am in the morning till midnight.

Since these delivery men are being paid on the number of deliveries made and the distance they travel, they keep speeding their vehicles. We can easily notice that these speeding vehicles are ridden very rashly causing a shock to the other motorists and pedestrians which could cause accidents. Most of the grocery shops deliver through two-wheelers with worst in condition and riders are seen to be minors without control on the vehicle.

Though there are many CCTV cameras been fixed and policemen deployed on all streets, rash and negligent driving of these persons have not been controlled. If police department keep a vigil on speeding vehicles and fine the violators, it would surely be a warning to other delivery men.

Will police department initiate action against these speeding vehicles? Let’s wait and see.

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