The next girl ghost, is on the way to hit screens through “Ullam Ullavarai”:

Ullam Ullavarai
Horror stories are having its blast across the towns and now with many films of this genres turning to blockbusters spinners. Here comes one with a much shuddering plot which has been titled as ‘Ullam Ullavarai’. The film centers on the revengeful girl ghost (Preethi) haunt a belle (Deepa) to seek revenge on the contract killers (Ashwin, Niyaamath Khan, Karate Sivavaanji) who had killed her. The film also features producer Namakkal K Shanmugam in an important role. Along with them an ensemble cast of comedians like Ganja Karuppu, Madhan Bob, Chitra Lakshmanan and few more are playing various other characters in the movie.

Vishnu Haasan has handled story, screenplay and dialogues apart from helming this project. P.K.H Das takes care of Cinematography, Satish Chakravarthy scores Music for the movie. Few other prominent technicians have also worked in this film. Major portion of the shooting has been done in Chennai, Pollachi, Rasi Puram and Bengaluru.

Let’s wait to watch the next ghost which is on the way to hit the screens soon.

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