Illegal Hoardings of Vijay’s “Thalaivaa” Encroach Chennai City:

Few years ago, the Corporation of Chennai had put up an act banning hoardings in private and public places within the Chennai Corporation limit. Later on, few political parties and individuals had approached the court of justice requesting to lift off the ban on hoardings.
Since hoardings were one of the reason for the drivers and pedestrians to lose their concentration leading to major accidents, the highly revenue generating hoardings were banned in and around Chennai Corporation limits.

Looking into the issue and requests from the political parties and individuals, the Government of Tamil Nadu had issued orders stating that anyone interested to put up a Hoarding in a private or public place should avail the written permission of the concerned District Collector.

Vijay’s “Thalaivaa” is expected to be released worldwide on 9th August 2013. The producers of the film Shri Mishri Productions have put up wide and tall hoardings on private and public buildings especially on tall buildings in and around the main roads of Chennai Corporation limits.

On speaking to the Law Officer of Corporation of Chennai to enquire whether permission was availed by the producers of the film, he guided us to contact the Chennai District Collectors office. We had contacted the office of the Chennai District Collector and we were orally confirmed by them that permission was neither requested by the producers of the film “Thalaivaa” nor The office of the District Collector of Chennai have issued any permission for them to put up hoardings within the limits of Corporation of Chennai.

Will the authorities initiate necessary action to remove the illegal hoardings put up in and around the limits of the Corporation of Chennai and proceed legal action against the violators.

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