“Darling” Tamil Movie Review:

“Darling” is a remake movie of the Telugu film “Prema Katha Chitram” released in 2013. “Darling” in Tamil has been star casted by G.V.Prakash Kumar (Music Director), Nikki Galrani, Shrushti, Karunas, Bala Saravanan and ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran. Music for the movie has been composed by G.V.Prakash Kumar and Lyrics have been penned by Na.Muthukumar and Arun Raja. Krishnanvasanth has handled Cinematography and Ruben has taken care of Editing. “Darling” has been directed by Sam Anton. Allu Aravind and K.E.Gnanavelraja have jointly produced the movie in the banners of Geetha Arts and Studio Green production companies.

G.V.Prakash Kumar and Shrusthi have been lovers in their college days. In one period of time G.V.Prakash plans to commit suicide. Bala Saravanan who had been a college mate of GVP along with Nikki Galrani joins with GVP in the suicide plan. Karunas who meet the three comes to know about their suicide plan also joins with them and the suicide team enlarges to four from the initial one started by GVP.

All the four visit a beach house of GVP’s friend. The beach house has been marked as a haunted house by the neighboring residents, since a newly married couple had committed suicide. Nikki and Bala had initially planned to join the suicide group only because Nikki who had also been a college mate of GVP was in love with GVP from her college days. This love by Nikki was unaware by GVP. As per Nikki’s request, one day Bala plans to fix up Nikki and GVP for a living together for a day which could change the suicide mind of GVP to a romantic approach on Nikki. Plan made by Nikki and Bala partially happens where GVP is been attracted with Nikki and commits his love on her.

The horror game of “Darling” starts now. GVP who keeps hugging Nikki hears a horrible voice where he is being warned not to touch Nikki. GVP suddenly notices that it is Nikki who warns GVP with the horrible voice. This drama continues whenever GVP touches Nikki. Every time after this episode, Nikki cools down and keeps expressing her love to GVP. GVP gets irritated by the sudden horrible behavior of Nikki. Bala and Karunas also experience the horrible behavior of Nikki in few circumstances.

One day GVP who is with the influence of alcohol approaches Nikki with courage and decides to find out the real reason for the horrible behavior of Nikki. As GVP wish the horrible behavior of Nikki starts and GVP finds the reason for it. He understands that Nikki has been affected with an influence of ghost, which needs to fulfill its revenge for the past happening it had suffered.

“Naan Kadavul” Rajendran’s last 20 minutes entry in the movie makes the audiences laughs continuously. He has played the character of a person who treats people who have been affected by ghost.

The remaining part of the movie is what the ghost is expecting. How GVP fulfills the expectation of the ghost? What happens to Bala and Karunas? Do GVP, Nikki, Karunas and Bala survive from their suicide plan?

Sam Anton has narrated the scenes nicely. G.V.Prakash Kumar’s music travels supportively for the movie. Krishnanvasanth’s camera work with green tone keeps pleasing with interest and less fear. Ruben’s editing appreciative. GVP needs to add a lot more to develop his acting skills. In some scenes GVP’s expression seems to be artificial. Nikki Galrani shows her dedication in acting. Bala and Karunas have rendered their full support for the movie with comedy. “Naan Kaduval” Rajendran’s casual dialogue delivery on his conversation with the ghost keeps every audience in laughter.

Overall the movie “Darling” is would be a darling for movie watchers where the movie is fully packed with comedy and less fear. “Darling” can be watched with family without fear and full of interest and comedy.

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