Unrepaired roads! Too much of potholes!! Assembly elections would teach a lesson!!!

A week ago, a mother who is an eye doctor who was travelling along with her two daughter’s in a two-wheeler skid and fell into an open pit. This accident happened on the service road connecting Ambattur Telephone Exchange and Maduravoyal at Nolmbur intersection. In this accident the doctor and her elder daughter succumbed to death and her younger daughter escaped with minor injuries.

The open pit at the accident spot has been now covered with metal sheets as a barricade. Will this barricade alone save the two-wheeler riders or pedestrians in that road? Obviously not!

The service road on both the sides connecting Ambattur Telephone exchange to Maduravoyal flyover is worse in condition. There roads are seen damaged for a quite few years. There are too much of dangerous potholes in this road. It is to be noted that this is not the only road with so many potholes, almost all the roads in Chennai are said to be damaged with potholes due to poor laying of roads. In few places we can notice, telecom operators, metro water dug the road and do not close it properly and leave it without repairing it. These kind of incomplete works also are one of the causes for accidents to occur.

The state government should initiate necessary action to maintain proper roads. Government should make sure that the contractors do lay the roads with proper composition of blue metal stones and Tar. Poor laying of roads keep damaging soon and the contractors bribe the officials and claim that the roads have been damaged due to natural disaster.

If at all government does not pay attention to look into essential activities and redress public grievance, this government would for sure be taught a proper lesson in the Assembly elections scheduled to happen in 2021.



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