Negligent and rash driving of Sewage Lorries – Will the authorities initiate action?

Sewage Lorries Negligent & Rash Driving
Nowadays Chennai is packed with heavy traffic in-spite of worst roads. Apart from it the most dangerous part is negligent and rash driving of vehicles. Today even though we move out cautiously as a pedestrian or a vehicle driver, it is the driver on the other side who either drives the vehicle with consumption of alcohol or negligent and rash driving.

We have recently noticed the negligent and rash driving of sewage lorry drivers. On receiving complaints from the residents of Mogappair, we made ourselves convenient to watch whether the complaint was true. After watching, we understood that the sewage Lorries ply on Mogappair Industrial Estate Church Road (Golden Flats – New Bridge connecting Nerkundrum) and on 6th Main Road (Nolambur Police Station – SBIOA Model School). We noticed that the Sewage Lorries plying on those roads were high in speed with negligent and rash driving in-spite of the bad roads by making the area with full of dust.

The Sewage Lorries carrying sewage water is being spilled on the road during the vehicles movement and the condition of the lorry is worst and keeps a doubt whether the vehicles had been passed out with proper “Fitness Certification” by the Transport Department. The driver of those vehicles seems to be very young and adds a suspicion whether they have their valid Driving License to drive the Sewage Lorries.

Two-wheeler riders, pedestrians and shop-keepers in Mogappair complain that they are scared to move on those roads due to the negligent and rash driving of Sewage Lorries. Residents also added that the area stinks while the Sewage Lorries pass on the roads and they complain that the Sewage Tank in the Lorries is not closed properly.

Hope the Police, Transport and Pollution Control Board initiate necessary and stringent action against the negligent and rash driving Sewage Lorries and their drivers for their violations.

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