Make in India – Strobilanthes Takes India to the World:

Strobilanthes is an Indian Start-up company that is now present in 6 cities and has over 140 employees. With Android, iOS, R & D, marketing, and support teams, it is set to increase their head-count to more than 200 by July 2015.

It started with a dream to make technology intelligently understand the common man’s pain-points and provide integrated solutions to help in a reliable and sustainable manner.

Things and concepts that were said to be impossible or science fiction a few years ago have started coming alive, thanks to the technology revolution. We live in an information driven world and anyone who has access to this information is king. Imagine being able to access all information about all objects– their location, count, and details with a few clicks? It is no longer fiction — Strobilanthes in an Indian company developing these products now!

The management of Strobilanthes today addressed the media persons with their new products Nutans H & Nutans T+. Mr.Gopinath – CEO, Parthiban – CFO, Ravishankar – CDO and Vikash Nahar – Director &CMO all from Stronbilanthes while addressing the meeting said that their focus areas are Internet of Things (connecting the world with smart networks), Augmented Reality (smartly enhancing the end-user’s vision), Wearable Technology(Technology on and around your body), Social Media (staying virtually connected), Mobile Apps (unleashing the real power of your smart phone), and Big Data Analytics (making sense of the ever-increasing information cloud).

They also said that their goal is to connect and empower users with powerful and easy-to-use hardware and software, be it through Internet connected wearable or a better social media application. They added that they create innovative solutions that will intelligently serve the common man. Their ultimate vision is to empower people through technology in a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective manner.

Their latest Innovations are Nutans T+ and Nutans H.

Nutans T+ (Information at Doctor’s Touch) Smart Table is the next-gen smart, digital ecosystem for medical experts. With features like accessing digital records on-the-go, 360 degree patient monitoring, and unified patient history, the Smart Table is a unique technological boon for doctors, patients, labs, pharmacies, and hospitals. The in-built forms saves doctors their precious time, which they can better utilize in saving lives. The responsive design, value-adding features like custom prescriptions, investigation records, generating unique case studies and exclusive reports makes this table a must-have digital tool to help patients in the age of technology and information.

This touch-enabled Smart Table and mobile nexus will aid in touching lives and serving patients better by providing relevant critical information at their fingertips. It connects doctors and patients using a combination of mobile & smart table platforms.

Nutans – H (Treatment Hotline) is a wireless nurse calling system for the healthcare sector, where patients can press buttons to request cleaning, seek assistance from the nurse, and raise an emergency alarm. The patient remote is available at the patient’s table for requesting help and the messages are transmitted wireless to the watch worn by the caregivers. The management also has the ability to monitor patient requests in real-time and can take remedial action when any nurse is unable to respond within minutes. Since time is of the essence in saving lives, Nutans – H helps doctors and nurses save lives by ensuring timely service.

An Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer, Strobilanthes has already made strong strides in the hospitality sector. Its evolutionary wireless waiter calling system — Nutans – R has been embraced by over 100 restaurants in India across 6 cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.)

The three products of Strobilanthes Nutans – R, Nutans – T+ and Nutans – H are fully been manufactured at Chennai in India. The Indian products of Strobilanthes are said to be marketed also in United States and other parts of the world.






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