Ilayaraja appreciates Talented women singer! Requested her to sing songs for him!!

Recently BBC had selected 100 talented women in the world. Out of the 100 talented women, it is a Tamilians girl one among them. She is from Tamil Nadu and her name is Isaivani.

Isaivani is a singer from the music troupe of Film Director Pa.Ranjith’s’Casteless Collective’. She had been selected for specialising in ‘Gana’ songs where most of the women avoid practicing it. It is to be noted that Isaivani is the only women from India who has been selected one among the 100 talented women in the world.

Renowned music director Ilayaraja coming to know about this news had personally invited Isavani and had met her and expressed his wishes and blessings to her. It is said that Ilayaraja had requested Isaivani to perform with few songs for him and Isaivani performed in Ilayaraja’s presence.

‘Aararo paada vandhene’, ‘Aavaram poovin senthene’ and ‘Gaana karungkuyile’ which were earlier sung by Ilayaraja in his own music, were sung by Isaivani in the presence of Ilayaraja.

Ilayaraja after listening to the songs sung by Isaivani appreciated her for her performance and had said that he was proud to see a Tamilian being recognised.

Ilayaraja conveyed his wishes to Isaivani and ‘Casteless Collective’ troupe to bag more awards and appreciation in future.