Actor Vishal files police complaint against renowned film producer

Actor Vishal who has acted in more than 30 films has also produced few of his films he has acted. He had served as the General Secretary of South Indian Artistes Association for one tenure from October 2015 to October 2019. He had also served as the President of Tamil Film Producers Council from 2017 for a tenure of three years.

Vishal who produces few films he acts, use to avail financial assistance from private and individual financiers. It is said that Vishal had availed few lakhs rupees from renowned film producer and financier R.B.Choudary for his production house. Reliable sources say that Vishal had repaid the amount he had availed from R.B.Choudary and the Pro-note signed by Vishal had not been returned by Choudary.

Sources confirm that Vishal had repeatedly contacted R.B.Choudary and his associates in his office requesting them to return the signed Pro-note he had given as an undertaking to aval the loan. It is said that they have replied that the Pro-n ote is missing and they are unable to return the same. In few incidents, it is said that R.B.Choudary and his associates have even insulted him without returning the Pro-note.

Vishal who is disappointed with the acts of R.B.Choudary and his associates has filed a Cheating Complaint against R.B.Choudary on 7th June 2021 with the Deputy Commissioners Police, T.Nagar says sources.

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