TN BJP’s Narayanan Thirupathy advices Kamalhassan to undergo Psychiatric treatment…

A few days back due to the illicit arrack tragedy in Kallakurichi of Tamil Nadu, around 50 people lost their lives due to consuming illicit arrack which had been mixed with methanol. The news became very serious and opposition parties started questioning and blaming the ruling DMK government and the police department about this serious incident claiming lives of 53 people and easy flow of illicit arrack and the atrocities of the bootleggers.

Kamalhassan, Actor and President of Makkal Needhi Maiam today visited Kallakurichi and met the families of the Hooch tragedy victims. While addressing the media he mentioned comparing consumption of illicit arrack with that of sugar which was non-logical. Condemning the speech of Kamalhassan, Tamil Nadu State BJP Vice-President Narayanan Thirupathy has issued a strong statement mentioning that Kamalhassan has to undergo Psychiatric treatment

The press statement of Narayanan Thirupathy says, “After meeting the Hooch tragedy victims, MNM party chief Kamal Haasan says, “…These victims will have to understand they have exceeded their limit and they have been careless. They have to be careful. They have to take care of their health. My request to government would be to create psychiatric centres which will counsel them… It has to be occasional drinking, social drinking if at all. But they must understand that exceeding limit in any form be it sugar or anything is bad…”

Kamal haasan, You have to understand that you are exceeding your limit and you have been arrogant since you have become a stooge of DMK. It is not the public, but it’s you have to be careful. It is you Kamalhasan, blabbering to take care of your wealth. You better consult a psychiatrist to understand as to what has happened in Kallakurichi and better get counselled your self. Have you become mad by comparing this hooch tragedy to that of sugar? You are a slave of DMK trying to change catastrophic incident in to a accident.”