“Srushti Fertility Centre” announces about its new unit at Kotturpuram:

Dr.S.Samundi Sankari MD, DGO, DA, DOL, Medical Director of the Srushti Fertility Centre met the media along with Dr.Radhakrishnan, IAS, Secretary to the Tamil Nadu Government, Department of Health, Rajaram, IAS, Secretary to the Tamil Nadu Government.

Dr.Sankari while addressing the media persons said that the unit wold have Green IVF therapy which has a high success rate and uses fewer hormones than other methods, and which avoids the problems presented by hyper-stimulation. She added that Srushti is the first centre to offer Green IVF which costs just 1/3rd the costs of regular IVF treatment.

Dr.Radhakrishnan while addressing the media said that though he was a government servant, he had the responsibility to take care of public health even though it is being offered by a private institution. He emphasized that Infertility centers should in no way disturb the natural practice. He also added that hospitals should be well staffed with experienced and fully trained doctors to diagnose the patients who visit for any fertility problem. He highlighted that hospitals specializing in fertility issues should be well equipped with good lab facility.

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