School of Excellence, to be soon in Chennai and many other places:

School of Excellence identifies geniuses from different fields, codes their skill and nurtures a business to make that skill and its benefits available to the common man. School of Excellence, founded in 2011 by Antano Solar John (International Tech Author, and now acknowledged as one of the Finest in Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Harini Ramachandran (popularly known as ‘Singer Megha’, an established Playback Singer who has worked with A R Rahman, Harris Jayaraj, G V Prakash etc) is inspired by the concept of Replicating Excellence found in Geniuses.

The concept of replicating skills of a genius is borrowed from the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) fundamental that – “if any human being can do anything, so can you.”

School of Excellence has nurtured two businesses based on skills we have coded using NLP Modeling called uPwithNLP and NLP Bliss.

Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran while speaking to the media persons explained as below:

1. uPwithNLP

The possibility of ‘Installing Excellence’ by sharing stories was discovered by the cocreators of NLP by identifying the genius Dr. Milton Erickson who made life transformations by mere sharing of stories. The key to make this work is in timing and the structure of the delivery. We have built on this skills and have packaged a set of useful beliefs, thinking patterning and behaviours that we install by sharing
stories, activities and NLP patterning. We call this package as ‘uPwithNLP – Superior Capabilities. Installed.’

The results of these Excellence installations is that the participants are set on an auto-pilot to do whatever it takes to Achieve their goals. The uPwithNLP experience also allows the participants to discover themselves, strengthen strong beliefs, use conversational programming for influence, get rid of any fears, phobias, addictions, start new habits, build better relationships. In addition, the participants are equipped with NLP skills that they put to use further on themselves and their family, friends,
colleagues – helping people heal, grow, experience transformation in just over 45 minutes.

I have successfully delivered this to over 800 participants in 2 years now. And this includes Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate Professionals, CXO’s, Directors of Large organizations, Business owners, Artists, Trainers, Army officials, Performing Artists, Professors and Students.

2. NLP Bliss

NLP Bliss offers services such as ‘Get Rid of Phobia/Fear/Addiction’, ‘Perform at Peak in Exams/Interviews’, ‘Get over Bad memories’, ‘Start New Habits’ etc. – where anyone can walk into the soon-to-be-launched NLP Bliss centers around the country, meet a qualified practitioner and get a Transformation Instantly.

This requires a very niche set of skills. And we are making such training available to selected 200 individuals around the country, who can work as NLP Bliss Practitioner to provide the necessary transformation.

We anticipate, creation of Job Opportunities for 2000 people across India in the next two years for those who have a great passion as well as the required foundation and skills to Transform lives. We have been doing this without any physical location for the past 1 year in our testing phase. We are opening our first two franchises in Chennai and Bangalore within 2 months.

School of Excellence as part of the NLP Bliss initiative, plans to reach change 2 Million Lives in the next 5 years. Our first 8 franchises launch in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune by December 2014 and intend to take it further to other cities like Coimbatore soon after. This will also be creating a job opportunities for Admin staff and local franchise business owners in addition to NLP
Bliss Practitioners.


We are taking uPwithNLP to countries like Australia and United Kingdom from where we have been having plenty of requests to conduct the same program as well. And we are likely to do so in late 2014 or early 2015.

In addition to these two models that are already a business, School of Excellence is currently researching on ‘touch healing’, ‘photo reading’, ‘talent recognition by watching micro trance states in casual conversation’, ‘soulful singing’, etc. We will be making the benefits of these skills available to the public in the coming days.

“I anticipate contributions from these two that will push the patterning of NLP past its present boundary conditions and into new territory.” – Dr. John Grinder (Co-Founder of NLP)

School of Excellence intends to provide quality transformation through one-on-one session to 1 Lakh under privileged children and destitute women to overcome challenges and work towards a great life in 2 years. There are also possible plans of how helping school children in rural villages using a volunteer network from the uPwithNLP alumni.

We have already been providing numerous free sessions along with scholarship to teachers, government officials and students who want to take uPwithNLP.

As an organization we also fund other CSR initiatives where children are taken care of.

Because we started with the vision of ‘Generations of Excellence’ and Children are the futures.